Day 4: Foliage and the earthworm!

Ok, so I caved-in to my inner pressure and made some of the foliage reactive to the player’s presence. Especially the vines and lanterns. I was going to add this as a last-minute bit of polish at the end of the jam, but I’m quite a bit ahead of schedule so I decided to do it today! :-)

I’ve also been working on the movement mechanics for another playable character: the earthworm, which can crawl up walls and across ceilings, though he’s not very quick about it! I’ve still got to animate it, but the movement seems pretty robust. Props to Antoine (aka SleepingPanda) for some hints on how to implement the wall-climbing mechanic.

So that just leaves the chicken to implement, then all 5 of the animals will be done! I might get chance to add some more and expand the world a bit more. :-)

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