Day 3: Dialogue and character switching

Now that I have the basic platforming mechanisms in place I can focus on the fun stuff! So, today I put together a simple dialogue system, which was quite a challenge with just 64 pixels to play with in each dimension. Especially since it’s necessary to show avatars to make it clear which animal is speaking!

But more exciting than that… is the core mechanic of the whole game: character switching. Once unlocked (more on that in tomorrow’s post) you can switch places with another animal in the world, and play as them instead of Auburn the fox!

Each animal has unique movement and unique abilities, allowing them to reach areas of the world that Auburn cannot!

And if you don’t want to wait until the jam is over to try it out, you can play the current dev version in the browser, just head over to the main project page.


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Love it! Are you using Pico-8?

I’m using Construct 3. I was tempted to use the jam as a chance to learn Pico-8 because I’ve never used it, but in the end I decided to stick with what I know! :-D

When it's jam time, it's always best to stay with the devil you know. However, as a Pico-8 maniac, I hope you come over to our side soon. The limitations will set you free.