Version 14: Cobblestones!

I’ll be honest, I’ve wanted to draw some cobblestone textures for a while, but all of my attempts so far have been a bit rubbish, not natural looking at all. Well, I finally found an approach that I’m happy with, so today I’m adding a bunch of 10 cobblestone textures: 5 different mossy variants, and 5 plain variants.

Also, I’ve adding some corner paths, and some transitions between brick walls and hedges, taking the total number of textures to 361!

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These are so good! looking forward to using them in some games. as soon as I figure out how to make a game. XD

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thank you for the update: I already using it (texture pack) in my game.


You’re welcome. Please share some screenshots of your game if you can. I’d love to see it.



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Thank you for the update! <3

You’re welcome. I hope they are useful for you. ☺️