Version 13: Big doors!

I’m excited about this update! It’s only a small update, because I’m pushing out new textures as soon as they’re ready, hopefully weekly, rather than batching them up into bigger updates.

But it’s an exciting update because I’ve added some bigger textures: a pair of big 128x128 wooden door textures! I’m looking forward to working on more bigger textures in future, including my take on the classic DOOM big-door texture! :-D

Full changelog:

  • Added a large, vertically opening wooden door texture.
  • Added large left and right swing open wooden door textures.
  • Reworked the smaller wooden door to match the style of the big wooden door.
  • Added inverted green slime variant.
  • Added limestone variants of damaged stucco wall textures.
  • Modified step textures to add a shadow below the top row of bricks.

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Nov 16, 2023

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You should do a “clone” of Doom’s wood5 texture and the set would be complete.