Version 10: It's a big one!

It’s been a while since I’ve added any new textures, much to frustration of a lot of folks, but I’m back with a big update which adds a massive 65(!) new textures!!!

I’ve focused on more natural and organic textures, and so there are a whole bunch of wood textures in various varieties! There are also some darker, dirtier sewer textures, and more gory textures, and many that would fit an abandoned hospital type theme.

As ever, I’d love to hear you feedback and if you have any suggestions for what I could add next, please let me know!

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Instant buy! Thanks for the awesome work. I have been playing around with your textures for a while!

What I would love to see added are a basic animation for water and a full set of street tiles (straights, curves, t-intersections, crossroads, endpoints).

Other than that it's great and gives me a lot of stuff to tinker around with.

Great ideas, but it’s like you can read my mind. I’m already working on animating the liquid textures, though animation isn’t my strong suit, so that might take some time, and I’ve already begun working on some tarmac/road/sidewalk textures! :-D

Thanks for buying them!


hello. i love the new gothic skulls and stuff. more of this would be cool, as well as fantasy related castle walls and stuff. will you be expanding on your retro sprites as well? i donated to that one a while ago, i still have access to this one from my 20 donation. i would recommend making the retro sprite pack a paid pack as well and put some energy into it along with this one.

a good amount of scifi / hellish inspriration from doom has gone into what you have so far, how about drawing some inspiration from hexen and heretic for some gothic fantasy textures and sprites?

keep up the good work in any case, and i hope that this transition from free to paid will help you with your financial situation and allow you to continue grinding out content :)


Thank you so much, for buying it and for taking time to provide feedback. It’s much appreciated!

I’m definitely going to be exploring the fantasy/gothic themes more, because I think there’s a lot to add there. Good shout on Heretic and Hexen. They should provide some good inspiration indeed!!!

The fantasy/rpg themed textures & sprites would be awesome!