Version 12: Back to where it began!

This texture pack started – just over a year ago – with a small handful of DOOM tech-base themed textures, but since then it’s expanded to cover a wide range of themes, including toxic lab, asylum, city, and sewers. Along with a selection of more organic textures such as grass, dirt paths, sand, and various varieties of wood.

So I though it was time to go back to the original tech-base textures and give them a little love. I’ve added around 20 new textures, mostly focusing on more generic, reusable metal panels and some toggle switches. In addition, I’ve added blue keycard variants of the doors and door-trims, which is important for DOOM levels!!!

Also, I’ve tweaked and adjusted a lot of the tech-base wall textures so that various parts of them better align to a 8x8 grid, making them a little more reusable.

I’m also working on a bigger update, coming within the next few weeks!

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Lovely. I was planning to try working with another textures set… But now I may just continue with yours.

Bless you Little Martian :D I love watching how this thing evolved from a small pack back in the day!

Thank you for always supporting me from the beginning! :-)

I never imagined that it’d grow to be as big as it has.

Yeah. It's amazing. Following your progress everywhere and I think I already said that everytime I see you posting new textures it's like I want to come up with a game just to use them :D