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The Retro Texture Pack consists of 235! high-quality, low-res, 64x64 pixels wall textures. Perfect for making a retro, DOOM or Quake-style FPS.

I was intending to use them myself, but it was distracting me from my main project, so I'm making them available for others to use instead. Here's an example of a selection of the textures in use. (Note: no 3D models are included in the asset pack).

Will there be updates?

Yes, absolutely. I'll be adding new textures regularly, and if you have ideas for any you'd like to see, feel free to suggest them in the comments below.

Can these assets be used for commercial projects?

Of course! All included game assets are public domain (Creative Commons Zero) licensed.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorLittle Martian
Tagsindustrial, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Textures


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I've been using these images just to mess around with the textures in another raycaster game on here, DUGA. I think this pack would really benefit from some really rusty and decrepit walls. Great pack!

- Finfee

Thank you, just what I needed for a small personal project :)

I used your textures in my game x06 for the 2022 revival jam, and they’re absolutely amazing! The only thing missing for me was a wood texture, maybe some day?

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I'm absolutely in love with these Textures! especially the sci-fi interiors!

Using them in my game with Land-Sharks. https://www.indiedb.com/games/interstellar-forever/images



I used your textures for a game prototype, available here: https://deepnight.itch.io/dungeon-crawler

Thanks a LOT for sharing these high quality images <3


Oh hey, thank you, I’m so glad you like them. I took a look at your dungeon crawler prototype and it looks really great. It’s exactly the sort of game I had in mind when I first started drawing the textures, with constant height rooms, that’s why all the textures are the same height.

Oh damn, I just noticed that you bought the pack for a very generous price. Thank you so much!

It’s quite normal, given how useful your pack was! Thanks for your great work :)


It reminds me of the old Half Life. I spent my whole childhood playing this thing and now when I see these kind of texture packs I get nostalgic! Make more packs like this please!

I’m glad it gave you a good nostalgia hit! I definitely be adding more textures in future. ☺️


Hi, I like the look of this pack a lot, but I'm a bit confused about the license terms. On this page, it's stated to be public domain with a CC0 dedication. However, the license text included is not the CC0 license text, and the readme implies a different license with other restrictions. Which license is this actually under?


Oh, hey, thanks for pointing this mistake out, I’ll get it corrected ASAP. The intention is that you’re free to use the textures to create anything you like, no need for crediting me. You just can’t redistribute then as an asset pack, either as the originals or modified.

Hi! I've read the comment below so - I won't ask for a 128x128 version - even if I'd love it :P (I lied, down below I do that)
I'm here just to say that I'd gladly pay for an expanded pay-only version of the pack!
I'd use it in a retro PSX shooter, so 64x64... is a bit tiny sometimes, and upscaling with some noise is not ideal. Keep up the great job!


Hi, sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I somehow missed your comment!

So I have actually been considering doing both 32x32 and 128x128 versions, because I think it’d be a good learning exercise to try and create textures that look visually consistent across all three resolutions. But in reality I have so much on my plate that it’s probably never going to happen unfortunately! 😟

Awww, I understand that. I was hoping to use the  (appropriately  priced - free isn't sustainable!) higher res pack to build one of my first retro-looking games, but the pack as it is now will cause the textures to stretch  a  bit  too much. There's no AI which could upscale your work in pixel art!

You're surely more informed than me but - retro shooters are quite the trend so a texture pack could be a nice investment.
(actually, there  are too many of them - the problem is that they're a bit bland - the textures aren't the problem! :P )

Is there a 32x32 version of this texture pack

No, just 64x64 for now.

Amazing work! :3

Thank you so much! 😊

These are really awesome. Not much of an art person so they help me to learn a good bit. I added them into a VR project Im working on for Oculus Quest 2. If you up for some side work, Id be interested in paying for some textures for my ship.


I used this pack for the demo level of TrenchBroom extension for Defold. Thank you so much!

You can play the level with your textures online here.

Nice, this looks really great! This is the kind of thing I’d like to make myself with the textures, once I’ve finished my current projects, so I’ll definitely check out Defold when I do. :-D


Thanks again for these, been putting together little scenes as backgrounds for my Twitch streams: 


Oh wow, this is something else. I never imagined the textures being used this way, but what you’ve made is really creative, and definitely unique! :-D

yeah, got a few ideas to make more elaborate parallax scenes in the future using a combination of your textures and my own work. 

Having these resources has been a huge time saver, thank you again for doing these.

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This pack is great and I'm currently using it for a project. Ill keep you posted and thanks again, really saves me some time. 

Also, have you released anything else texture-wise in this 64x64 pixel style? 


I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with the textures.

I haven’t done any other textures, but I’m planning on adding lots more to this pack, across lots of different themes. For example, I’m currently working on some toxic waste/laboratory textures. And after that I might do some more natural textures such as rocks, stone, grass, wood, etc, but all in the same style so that they can be used together nicely. :-)

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Just thought id show what im doing with ur textures - I'm using multiple of ur textures and UV mapping them to simple 3D models I make. see console for example:


Retro Texture Pack in Doom


Nice! I like the lighting, and of course the DOOM double-barreled shotgun is a nice touch! What engine are you using?

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GZDoom, this is an actual Doom level (but not vanilla, I’m using texture rotation on the ceiling and the textures have their own palette).

Started a devlog in case it become something more than WE doodling in SLADE… https://pbuyle.itch.io/unamed-doom-project/devlog

Nice, I’m following you now so I can keep an eye on progress on this! :-)

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i just gave you 20 bucks.

i would love to see this asset pack expanded. i realize you have a main project you are working on.

as far as suggestions for future textures, i think computer terminals (and other techbase style stuff), some outdoor textures, and some color variations for the wall and floor textures would be welcome additions.

Hey, thank you so much! :-D

I have around a dozen new textures that are partly drawn. I’m hoping to finish those up and add them to the pack very soon. What sort of outdoors textures are you interested in?


probably the basic stuff would be most useful. you have a doom techbase style going on here, so i'd say just rocky cliff and ground for outdoor areas between bases would be nice. it all kinda depends on what direction you are going in with this pack? continue the techbase theme? expand to other themes/levels, like urban, hell, scifi spacestation, outdoors areas like desert, mountain, forest

also thanks for cc0. it is the most useful license. 


Hey, so I added a whole bunch of extra textures over the past couple of weeks, including tech doors, computer terminals, more crates and colour variations, and some natural stone tile textures. I’m planning on working on more outdoor/natural textures next.

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you are awesome. keep up the good work.

i'll probably donate again at some point just to support your efforts.

this is some very useful stuff for us retro fpsers!

some ideas for future stuff:

thematic levels, like you have doomish techbase now, you are gonna have outdoor textures, how about some doomish gothic hell type level textures, a toxic waste type facility level textures, stuff like that. you could reuse alot of the stuff you already have for wall textures, just recolor them and modify details.


This is amazing, thank you so much for making these!
Don't have the money to donate yet, but added them to my collection.
Thank you!

That’s cool, there’s really no need to feel bad at all. I like to draw textures as a way to help me practice pixel art techniques, and I thought it’d be nice to share the outcome with others! 😊


Very useful, thanks! :D


You’re welcome, I’m glad you like them! :-)

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This is a great pack.
Are you planning on expanding this pack? Maybe adding a bigger, paid version?

Really love your pixel style.


Hi, I’m glad you like them! I do indeed to add more textures once I’ve released Little Martian, which is my main project, though I’m not sure I’ll ever do a premium pack though, because I don’t have the time to support it right now.


Great assets, thank you!


Thanks. I’m really glad you like them!


These are really nice!  I plan to use them for a 2.5d game.  


Thank you! Be sure to share screenshots of your game, it’d be great to see the textures used in a real game! Best of luck.

Yw, I'll be sure to post whenever I have something that looks at least halfway finished.


These are great thank you!


Hey, thank you very much. If you have any ideas for new textures you’d like me to add to the set, let me know and I’m l I’ll try to add them. 😃