Branching Out is a simple endless puzzle game where you a tree by growing trunks and branches! But be careful you don't run out of space. It was made in just a single day (using assets from for part of Kenney Jam 2022!


  • The next five moves are shown at the top of the screen. Use these to plan out your tree structure.
  • Click to expand the tree. A white cursor highlights valid moves.
  • Chop down parts of the tree to make room for new growth.


  • Craig Smith (Idea and implementation)
  • Tomás Palazzi (Music)
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorLittle Martian
Made withConstruct

Development log


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funny glich

New update is great! I love the little particles when placing stuff. The gems and coins are a little bit too OP but that may be on purpose. Good job on the post-jam update!

Thank you so much, in glad you like the update. 😊

What does OP mean?

Overpowered. It’s just they give a LOT of points lol.


Oh yeah, so the idea is that by making them overpowered will encourage players to compromise their strategy, so there a lot of risk involved.

Makes sense!

the glitches may have been removed, but now that those gems and coins are here, i have been able to get this far. also, my  methods (minus the glitches) still work :D

didn't take NEARLY as long as it took to get even 100k before the upd.

(1 edit)

I love the concept and it feels very relaxing. Almost therapeutic :D

I reach 5K on my first try haha

so- uh- there's nothing there but next to it looks like there's supposed to be an up part- (i have delete block equipped)

wait no sorry i have mushroom equipped. but i can't put it on the weird part.

and i deleted it now it's normal.

through the help of the delete block, i have made a discovery. if you have a branch on the bottom left that grows off-screen, if you use the delete on a floating selection block that appears right above the bottom right side of the screen, you can somehow delete the end of the branch on the left. this also goes for placing left-facing branches on it.

(1 edit)

if i were able to, i'd put a screen recording of it here, but i sadly cannot. but here's a screenshot of it.

(4 edits)

also i tried going 1 to the right because that was an option for some reason- and this happened- edit 1: and suddenly i can place a left-facing branch on top of the already existing left-facing branch??
edit 2: tested it, the mushroom stayed, and the off-screen branch disappeared and i can no longer select to delete the mushroom. looks like it's stuck there!
edit 3: so. i deleted the branch under it. it floats now. have not gotten another mushroom yet, will try to place one over the floating one next chance i get.
edit 4: it worked, the mushroom has regained collision with the help of another mushroom.

Ahh, you should be a professional game tester, you’re really good at finding bugs! 😆

i'm not old enough yet sadly but i basically do this for fun :P

(1 edit)

i am considering becoming one when i grow up tho. i want to become a game dev who tests his own games :P

Love how chill this is! 🤗

got to around 95000 but my device died ;-;
great game btw. i'm gonna keep going for 100k! maybe even 200k... OR EVEN 1 MIL!!!!! i got a few hours before i have to go to bed.

reached 100k! :D (this time without my device dying)

(1 edit)

200k and still going strong! i feel like it's impossible for me to lose unless i try-

300k. 30% of the way to my goal of a full million +-+

400k :D

(1 edit)

500k. ignore the floating branch.


managed to get this far. but then i decided  to delete my tree lol. now i have a stump.

uhm. this is on the right side of my screen not even at the very edge-

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Pretty cool :)

Although it has some bugs that I did exploit :D

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! What bugs did you find?

Oh yeah, I just saw the screenshot! Yeah, those floating mushrooms aren’t meant to be possible! 😂

FYI when I wasn't able to place my "input", I just hovered my mouse all over the place and some strange placements were allowed

That's how I got those sticks'n mushrooms floating :0

Also you can just infinitely place "up inputs" on the top of the middle tree

Aaand if there is a "2 inputs wide twig" and it has a mushroom on each "twig space", you can remove the space under the first twig and destroy both mushrooms

Love discovering bugs :3


Cool game. Chill and fun.


Thank you so much. I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Post-jam I think I’m going to add an arcade mode that had a timer, so maybe that’ll not be quite so relaxing! 😆