Post-jam update #1

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who played the game during Kenney Jam, and to everyone who left us comments and ratings. It means a lot to us, and we’re incredibly proud and humbled to come in 14th place overall, 10th place for visuals, and 5th place for the theme!

During the voting period I worked on some bugfixes and improvements, based on players feedback:

New features:

  • 💎 Collectibles! Diamonds and coins will appear at random across the board. Simply grow your tree into that space to collect them. They’re worth lots of points, but they might force you compromise your strategy as a result!


  • 🧠 The selection of moves at the beginning of the game is a little smarter, to avoid scenarios where the game is over in a few moves because of an unlucky selection.
  • 🎇 Particles! Fun little particles reinforce your actions.

Bug fixes:

  • 🌳 The placement of new branches and trunks is now far more robust.
  • 🪚 Removal of branches and trunks no longer leaves floating tree parts.
  • 🏡 It’s no longer possible to place tree parts outside of the game space.

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