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About Beep's Escape

Beep's Escape is a non-too-subtle nod to the ZX Spectrum games of the 1980s, in particularly the Dizzy franchise of action-adventure games.

You take control of Beep, a brave yet cavalier robot who is on a mission to escape from the strange tech facility that he and his fellow bots are being held captive in. Using just your wits and the items you find around you, will you help Beep find a route to safety?


Beep's Escape supports keyboard and gamepads.

Using keyboard:
- Move and jump: WASD
- Activate/pickup items: Enter

Using gamepad (xbox controller):
- Move: Left analog stick
- Jump: A
- Activate/pickup items: B


- In-game art, coding: Craig Smith

- Animations: Batfeula

- Music: Tomás Palazzi (https://tomaspalazzi.bandcamp.com/album/beeps-escape-original-game-soundtrack)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorLittle Martian
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Story Rich


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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beeps-escape-windows-64bit.zip 116 MB
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beeps-escape-mac.zip 132 MB
beeps-escape-linux-64bit.zip 134 MB
beeps-escape-linux-32bit.zip 140 MB

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Hey, thought you may wanna know even though Steam says Beep's Escape isn't supported on Deck (not just the yellow i but a full blown / in a circle warning) it runs perfectly on there as far as I can tell so far! :D could be worth submitting it for re-assessment!

Sorry to sound dumb, but is there a way to play this game in full-screen mode? I've tried Alt+Enter, but that doesn't work.

Hey, yes there’s an option in the Settings for switching to full screen, and for adjusting the resolution.


PLEEEEEEEEEEASE port this to the ZX Spectrum. It deserves to be on it! SO AMAZING!

Hi Little Martian.

I bought her really good game Beep's Escape from itch.io.

Would it be possible to get a Steam key for the game?

Thank you for your help.

best regards


Hey, thanks for buying it. Yeah I’m sure we could sort that out. If you go to my itch profile you’ll see my Twitter handle. DM me there and I’ll sort it out.

I sent you a DM via Twitter. Thanks very much.

Bloody perfect. I love it. Just played the demo. The movement, transitions, music, graphics ... all spot-on. I'll be getting the Mac version for $10 and happy to throw it down. Thanks for your work!


Does the game have any save feature?


Yeah, you can save/unsave whenever/wherever.

Esc (on Mac) brings up the in-game menu with save/load options, settings etc

Hello! Will there be a ZX Spectrum / Next version? Thanks!


Looks fantastic, I'm dizzily looking forward to reliving some good Spectrum times!

The download icons seem to have got mixed up though - it's showing Linux and Android icons against the Mac and Linux versions respectively. There's no Android version really, right?

Oh hey, thanks for letting me know. I’m not quite sure how I managed to mess that up! :-)

There’s no Android version yet, though I think it should be fairly easy to support (once I’ve added touch controls) so it might be added in future.


Even the music is brilliant - it now runs in background in the office, great inspiration during gamedev & coding!

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Looking great, the feeling is quite good though particularly the attrib load sequence in the loading simulation seems a bit off to me, is it the real load sequence? I remember you commenting on twitter or somewhere you had taken part of one of Dizzy’s for some dev testing. I mean sound here… not the actual attrib values

Getting the feeling of a real 128k game of it’s time, but maybe sound quality and video fast response like in fades ;) both things are too good for original real hardware

Incredible job in keeping it true to orignal specs!


I'm obsessed with the aesthetic of this game! <3

gracias por la version 32 bits